A collection embodying a wealth of ‘firsts’ as well as a name with joy embedded in its very genes. Launched in 2003, Allegra’s distinctive design has earned its place among the greatest jewellery collections, the first and the most legendary from the Maison de GRISOGONO. It bears the name of Fawaz Gruosi’s first-born daughter. In 14 years, it has become a true brand icon. Its joyful, delicately interwoven spiral evokes the indestructible connection between two beings. Designed to create the impression of randomly assembled rings, the collection is expressed through rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sautoir necklaces. Playing with jewellery codes, Allegra shows true Classic transformable at will, , new earrings with dual nature that can also be worn as ear stud and pendant or reinvents great jewellery Classic through ring, earrings and bracelet teaming a Toi & Moi expression with de GRISOGONO most legendary intertwined symbol – Allegra.

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