Love on The Rocks de GRISOGONO Cannes Party


Ever since its creation, de GRISOGONO has loved women and gemstones, and proudly proclaims its penchant by gathering its friends for a “LOVE ON THE ROCKS” evening graced with the presence of a constellation of passionate women in love with mineral beauty naturally drawn to the inimitable soul of de GRISOGONO jewellery.

May 23rd 2017 – on the shores of the Cap-Eden-Roc Hotel

There is a precious, unspoilt place, whose shores looking out towards to the Léran islands have borne silent witness to the most stunning love stories. Naturally radiating a blend of glamour and sensuality, the Eden Roc cliff faces dotted with glittering rocks naturally evoke the rough stones boldly cut by the Maison de GRISOGONO.

A place symbolising the Geneva-based jeweller’s attachment to the mineral riches of the Earth. It was to the heart of this land of granite and of ageless metamorphoses, characterised by its distinctive geology, that Fawaz Gruosi convened his friends for a “LOVE ON THE ROCKS” evening.

The most festive and eagerly awaited event in Cannes

de GRISOGONO soirée featured the most beautiful women, some of the rarest ethical gemstones, and some of the world’s most daring creations.

It is there that Fawaz Gruosi declared his love, the ineffable and unfailing passion for diamonds and precious stones that has fired him right from the start and given life to the Maison de GRISOGONO with its inimitable style.

Incredibly sized stones of noble origins, exquisitely crafted so as to reveal their finest facets to the world. A collection comprising more than 60 one-of-a-kind creations revealing the fascination for diamonds and other exceptional stones, showcasing a fascinating variety of sophisticated cuts, degrees of clarity, colour nuances and carat weights.

Finishing the night in a blaze of glory

To finish the night in a blaze of glory, guests were treated to a private concert of Jessie J, top of the world’s music charts singer.

Amongst the 600 guests were:
Hailey Baldwin, Elsa Hosk, Cindy Bruna, Jessie J, Ming Xi, Naomi Campbell, Jenaye Noha, Praya Lundberg, Sara Sampaio, Tina Kunakey, Tony Garn, Natasha Poly, Antonio Banderas, Leonado DiCaprio, Chris Tucker, Maria Borges, Camilla Morrone, Kimberley Garner, Lewis Hamilton.