de GRISOGONO reinvents the language of love

de GRISOGONO is celebrating LOVE with passion by launching creations in subtle shades of purple.


de GRISOGONO is celebrating LOVE with passion in subtle shades of purple. A free-spirited creative designer, Fawaz Gruosi reaffirms his pioneering, visionary spirit. He did not wait for the “PANTONE 18-3224” dubbed “Radiant Orchid” to be named colour of the year in 2014 to bring amethysts back into fashion, propelling them to the forefront of international jewellery trends. 

This sumptuous mineral, the most sought-after in the entire quartz family, glows at the heart of the collections from the House of de GRISOGONO. A stone whose history is strongly symbolic of eternal love, in reference to Saint Valentine who wore a ring adorned with an amethyst engraved with the image of Cupid. 11 November 2014, Geneva, Switzerland — A creative, epicurean designer passionately in love with life, Fawaz Gruosi fell under the spell of amethysts well before discovering all the secrets they harbour. A fascinating stone radiating an enigmatic charm and with which he shares a number of character traits, amethysts are believed to develop a higher state of consciousness, enhance creativity and strengthen passion. For a man who acts instinctively, his natural intuition once again led him exactly the right direction.

Known as the “Jewel of Fire”, the amethyst has always attracted attention. In ancient times, its sparkle and colour were highly sought-after and considered as precious as a diamond. The power and diversity of its tones imbue the amethyst with its magnetic, bewitching character.

Fawaz Gruosi has always been drawn to the charm and beauty of this mineral and is fascinated by the richness and intensity of its nuances. Graced with a harmonious combination of fuchsia, shades of pale mauve and violet tinged with purple, the amethyst also presents secondary colours ranging from cold shades of blue to warmer red hues. Intrinsically linked to love, it is the emblematic Valentine’s Day stone and symbolises the faithful love of two beings whose everlasting union is blessed.

Valentine’s Day collections by de GRISOGONO

Fawaz Gruosi has always been drawn to the charm and beauty of this mineral and is fascinated by the richness and intensity of its nuances. Graced with a harmonious combination of fuchsia, shades of pale mauve and violet tinged with purple, the amethyst also presents secondary colours ranging from cold shades of blue to warmer red hues. Intrinsically linked to love, amethyst symbolises the faithful love of two beings whose everlasting union is blessed.

Fascinated by the splendour and magnetism of quartz with violet reflections, Fawaz Gruosi has succeeded in making amethysts highly desirable. Raising them to the status of exceptional stones, he reveals all their charms by combining them with emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, peridots and spinels. Offering daring, acidulous combinations, he creates productions in which purple plays the number one role in compositions ranging from a Fine Jewellery watch to magnificent cocktail rings, playful looking bracelets and refined earrings.



(20248/02) White gold weighing more than 445 carats and featuring 41 cabochon-cut amethysts (340.15 ct), 40 cabochon-cut pink sapphires (86.69 ct) surrounded by pink tourmaline drops, round cut pink sapphires and round brilliant-cut diamonds.

This unique creation embodies a symphony of gemstones, cuts and colours. Combining one of Fawaz Gruosi’s favourite precious stones, to the cut that perfectly expresses its generosity and sensuality, the cabochon-cut amethysts stand as the centrepiece of this magnificent and unique necklace. While its bright colour enlivens all the shades in the colour spectrum with a seductively daring appeal, it blossoms together with various matching shades such as lavender-purple or pink-magenta featured through sapphires and tourmalines



Gypsy Collection

This collection with its boho chic touches offers a rainbow of precious stones whose sparkle and contrasts vividly express the “chiaroscuro” signature of the Maison.

GYPSY EARRINGS (10097/28) - Pink gold set with a rainbow of a 12-carat mix of brilliant-cut gemstones ranging from amethysts to spinels, orange sapphires and diamonds.


  • amethyst sensuale de Grisogono
  • Sensuale de GRISOGONO

Sensuale Collection

Ranked among Fawaz Gruosi’s favourite stone cuts, the cabochon represents all the inherent refinement and elegance of de GRISOGONO creations. Giving pride of place to the dazzling highlights of the amethyst, the generous proportions of the cabochon emphasise the mysterious spirit and magnetism embodied in purple quartz.

SENSUALE RING (54801/11) Pink gold, set with two cabochon amethysts weighing 73 carats and adorned with a fine shower of pink sapphires and rubies.



Gocce Collection

In creating GOCCE, Fawaz Gruosi boldly reinterprets one of the most traditional and timeless forms of jewellery by adorning a teardrop with the codes that make de GRISOGONO creations stand out.

GOCCE RING (54200/11) Pink gold set with 4 amethyst drops of 15 carats - Finely sculpted amethysts reveal their purple nuances reflected in polished pink gold teardrops.


  • Boule Bracelet de GRISOGONO
  • Boule de Grisogono

Boule Collection

Inspired by the limelight and glamour of jet-set parties, BOULE is the brightest and most iconic expression of de GRISOGONO jewellery creations. Under the sparkling spell of shimmering purple reflections, these magnificent faceted balls dance to the rhythm of a shower of dark mauve amethysts and pink-accented spinels.

BOULE BRACELET (4811/11) Displaying five intertwining purple leather cords held in place by a pink gold half sphere adorned with a pair of amethysts (2.70 ct) and spinels (3.10 ct). 
BOULE EARRINGS (12118/10) Set with a shower of 402 amethysts (24.20 ct) and diamonds.


Grappoli watch de GRISOGONO

Grappoli Collection

Over and above the more traditional trio consisting of emeralds and blue and orange sapphires, the amethyst draws attention with a composition that clearly expresses all its uniqueness. This results in a hypnotic effect that is accentuated by the sparkling of amethysts that come to life and dance with every movement of the wrist.

GRAPPOLI (S04) - GRAPPOLI high jewellery timepiece is made of pink gold and features 70 moving briolette-cut and 980 round brilliant amethysts for a total of approximately 60 carats.


  • Chiocciolina de GRISOGONO
  • Chiocciolina de GRISOGONO

Chiocciolina Collection

When the centre stone morphs into a vibrant corolla made of briolette-cut stones. Briolette-cut amethysts and blue sapphires nestled in the heart of a polished pink gold shell. With every movement, the shiny facets of the briolettes sparkle and shine, brilliantly reflecting a dancing light. Accentuating the intensity of the composition and setting the stage for the de GRISOGONO chiaroscuro signature, white diamonds and blue sapphires are set on pink gold.

CHIOCCIOLINA EARRINGS (10097/28), BRACELET (41251/13), RING (51251/13)
CHIOCCIOLINA ring, earrings and bracelet in pink gold. The spirals inwards are set with a mix of blue sapphires and diamonds and the revamped centre stone is composed of briolette-cut amethysts and blue sapphires.


  • Melody of Colors de GRISOGONO
  • Melody of Colors de GRISOGONO

Melody of Colours Collection

True to the de GRISOGONO universe, MELODY OF COLOURS is an ode to joy, a colourful rainbow. Coupled with emeralds, peridots, rubies and spinels, the amethyst bursts forth in a sumptuous display with pink-purple highlights. Setting the scene for large amethysts featuring highly sought-after deep saturated hues, in these unique compositions, de GRISOGONO places the seductive purple quartz firmly centre stage.

MELODY OF COLOURS EARRINGS (10541/02)- Iin ruby-encrusted white gold featuring 107.90 carat drop-cut amethysts and a cascade made of 48 cabochon-cut amethysts (45.50 ct), 16 pear-cut rubies (7.10 ct) and emeralds.

MELODY OF COLOURS RING (50479/04) - Pink gold set with a cushion-cut amethyst weighing 16.50 ct surrounded by a playful cascade of amethyst discs and 316 spinels.


Fawaz Gruosi

"I simply try one hundred per cent to make my jewellery the best it can possibly be.”
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Fawaz Gruosi


Every creation is unique, just like the stones themselves and human emotions.
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Jewellery Introduction de GRISOGONO

de Grisogono Jewellery

Fawaz Gruosi creations' are not only daring in all their inventiveness but remain loyal and true to the traditions of high jewellery craftsmanship.
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de Grisogono Jewellery

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