Crazy Skull

de GRISOGONO celebrates life in the most irreverent and playful way, creating “Crazy Skull”


de GRISOGONO celebrates life in the most irreverent and playful way, creating “Crazy Skull” a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is the epitome of the art of watchmaking and jewellery.

Exclusive bespoke art object that takes the best of both worlds and admirably showcases de GRISOGONO’s dual expertise.
This superlative creation plays with the fleeting nature of life and perfectly embodies the de GRISOGONO spirit. The skull theme has been celebrated in contemporary art and fashion world for years. Often perceived as a provocative symbol, it also has positive and thoughtful meanings such as change, courage, bravery, non-conformity and free-thinking. Above all, it invites people to live life to its fullest.

By proposing an endearing character, de GRISOGONO introduces an original and unique design. The talking piece asserts the brand’s audacity and excellence. Once again, by challenging the fundamentals of watchmaking and jewellery, by pushing boundaries and freeing himself of any constraints, Fawaz Gruosi demonstrates his ingenious and exuberant creativity; a non-traditional approach that speaks for itself.

Artfully designed and featuring rare and precious materials, “Crazy Skull” required almost a year of research and development and approximately 250 hours of intricate jewellery work in a subtle blend of know-how that lies within a close collaboration between skilled master watchmakers and top craftsmen such as gem-setters, goldsmiths, diamond-cutters and polishers.

This high-jewellery creation stands out for its sumptuous, eye-catching and playful style. By displaying time in an unconventional yet no less refined way, “Crazy Skull” perfectly embodies de GRISOGONO’s epicurean creativity.


“Skulls have been in fashion for years. “Crazy Skull” is a skull of its own, a technical prowess where every single detail makes its absolute perfection. Unique, precious, mischievous and bold, it stands as a happy face, conveying positivity and amusement. It dazzles with up to 45 carats of stones, from the skull to the tongue, some of them cut from raw stones to carve the nose and every single tooth. A limited edition, an Haute Couture timepiece that embodies the de GRISOGONO expertise and spirit.”


“As it always does, my creative process starts with an idea running through my head then I make a design and start to look for the appropriate stones that ideally suit the creation. In order to unleash my creativity and make my dreams come true, I never take into account any commercial, financial or temporal constraints. Creativity is therefore a pure expression of passion”.