Fawaz Gruosi’s Birthday celebration

The invitation is a passport

The invitation expresses a desire to thank those who surround him, believe in him, support him, love him and give him the strength and courage to embark on fulfilling all his dreams. The invitation is indeed a passport, a passport that symbolises the attachments that this family ‘with no blood ties’ has built over time. A passport that simply bears the word “LOVE”, this love and this friendship that speak volumes about Porto Cervo, about Fawaz Gruosi, about his family and about de GRISOGONO.

The passport bears a coat-of-arms depicting a lion. While the kind of portraits representing astrological signs may often appear too generic to be specific, one must admit that a glance at the character traits symbolising the fifth sign of the zodiac – that of Fire – reveals striking similarities.

an amazing companion

As if to give Fawaz back a little of all the love, affection and respect that they receive, with great simplicity, various men and women have gifted Fawaz a special dip into their own history of Porto Cervo. They deliver an intensely private vision of the many facets composing this big-hearted man who is an amazing companion. The innate generosity and human warmth of this genuine ‘people person’ have naturally led to him being surrounded by sincere and long-standing friendships.

His family, friends, nearest and dearest, clients – all speak of him as a generous, attentive, caring, empathetic and contagiously cheerful individual.

On August 8th 2015, over 500 guests have come to support Fawaz, demonstrating their friendship and the place he holds in their hearts.

Porto Cervo spirit

The place he has chosen this year for his birthday is where he likes to stay when he is not at the family residence. The Cala di Volpe Hotel, a place that perfectly symbolises the Porto Cervo spirit, brimming with the kind of contrasts dear to Fawaz’ heart: majestic and intimate, simple and sophisticated. A place which is a reminder of the origins of this Emerald coast, its fishing villages and their picturesque, romantic accents, a place of sculpted architecture expressed through artistically designed porticos, arches and staircases. A place which inebriates the senses and brings to mind a sensory palette of the eucalyptus, bay leaves and wild juniper so closely bound up with Fawaz’ memories. There is a mere ten-year age gap between Fawaz Gruosi and this place built in 1962. They clearly share a connection that goes far beyond numbers.

For the occasion, the gardens and the beach have morphed to welcome and entertain guests for a cocktail moment around the majestic swimming pool. A sumptuous firework led the guests to the dinner and the traditional sought-after birthday cake. Mika has delighted the guests with a private music performance. The party has closed of on the beach with an intimate after party, celebrating the dawn on the Sardinian sand.

An evening mingling luxury and simplicity, marine influences and glamour, privacy and jet-set elegance. A truly timeless moment.


“Breathtaking… It is his ‘je ne sais quoi’ and distinguished air that make him fascinating. He is comfortable in the spotlight. He is not afraid of standing out, he seeks recognition, an approach that drives him to surpass himself and be the best. He is generous and always seeks to please the people he loves. Contrary to what one might initially think, he has a well-developed sense of morality and knows what is right and good. He is not particularly bound by traditions and loves to forge his own rules, his own logic, over and above preconceptions or values predetermined by society. His independent spirit is highly developed”.
Extract from the astrological portrait of Leo.


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A treasure become a home port: Sardinia, land of hospitality and friendships

Whether they are stylish, romantic, elegant, in love or nostalgic, Porto Cervo and Sardinia have become their home port.
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A treasure become a home port: Sardinia, land of hospitality and friendships

It’s so good to be back

In my father’s footsteps, in this place where the entire history of our family has been written…
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It’s so good to be back

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