de Grisogono Jewellery



“My creative process is guided by my intuition. I listen to my inner voice, ignore current trends and remain loyal to secular traditions. As an artist, I use stones as a palette of subtle hues to create aesthetically appealing canvases, uniting exceptional stones in their upmost singular expression. Gemstones are shaped to reveal their inner worlds, their clarity and the wealth of their natural blemishes. I am constantly drawing inspiration from the world around me and extend my experiences into my creations. I design out of instinct and express my inner passion into unexpected and extravagant creations” ~ Fawaz Gruosi

In 1993, Fawaz Gruosi founded de GRISOGONO - his own exclusive high-jewellery brand. Known as a creative aesthete, he has fashioned bold ideas and has always been questing for beauty and excellence. Creating outstanding and extravagant pieces of jewellery, he has immediately attracted a prestigious and international clientele and made celebrities dazzle while adorning them for premiere parties and award ceremonies.

More than 20 years after putting the black diamond at the forefront of the international jewellery scene, de GRISOGONO has become renowned worldwide for its innovative designs and has established itself as one of the greatest names and the most trailblazing creative forces in the contemporary luxury world. Thanks to his intense creativity fuelled by a free-spirited passion for extraordinary gemstones, Fawaz Gruosi has pushed boundaries, broken rules, taken risks, driving his designs in the rarefied and respected world of High Jewellery. His creations are not only daring in all their inventiveness but remain loyal and true to the traditions of high jewellery craftsmanship.


Thanks to his ingenious audacity, he raised the hitherto neglected black diamond as one of the upmost signature of the de GRISOGONO jewellery style. Exceptional stones are at the heart of de GRISOGONO creations. From white, black, brown and icy diamonds to coloured gems and hard stones, from the purest composition to the most intense hue, de GRISOGONO seeks excellence and character capturing every stone’s soul. To magnify these natural marvels, de GRISOGONO reveals unrivalled setting expertise. The jewellery brand has undeniably shown its prowess in high-jewellery intricate skills thanks to in-house top craftsmen, gem-setters and goldsmiths.

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