Baselworld 2017


They have left a lasting imprint; They have achieved legendary status. Like the man who created them, and the women who have worn them, They have entwined their names and destinies to become legendary icons. They are the jewellery collections by de GRISOGONO.

They embody the distinctive style of Fawaz Gruosi, the natural-born creative who loves shaking up conventions, revisiting basics and classics with disconcerting boldness. He creates sensual, liberated models, infusing his creations with generous shapes, giving life to material and creating audacious volumes that cling to every curve and hollow of the feminine body.

Immediately recognisable jewellery creations with a distinctive second skin effect induced by their precious, fluid nature ensuring perfect comfort. Adornments in which the scrolling motifs release the light that in turn intensifies the sparkle of the stones and endows the jewellery with an inimitably airy look and feel.

  • Baselworld Jewellery : de GRISOGONO

ALLEGRA is and will forever remain unique. A timeless style that will endure forever. Its distinctive design has earned it a place among the greatest jewellery collections, the first and the most legendary from the Maison de GRISOGONO. It powerfully evokes the indestructible connection between two beings. A symbol of love, respect and passion, its intertwined rings create a joyful spiral, an infinite circle upon which the passage of time has no hold on feelings.

  • Baselworld Jewellery : de GRISOGONO

Reflecting the perfect shape, it also evokes that of absolute femininity. Its awardwinning career caught the spotlight right from the start, sparkling at the César, Oscar and Cannes award ceremonies and playing an integral part in moment celebrating the talent of women and icons. Apparently predestined for fame and the world of cinema, this collection brings out the best in women, arrayed in gems and jewellery creations that leave a lasting glow.

  • Baselworld Jewellery : de GRISOGONO

Launched in 2016, the VENTAGLIO collection passed its red carpet test with flying colours. Its legendary and instantly recognisable shape brings to mind that of a fan. Imbued with an Art Deco spirit and Haute Couture style, it combines confidently geometric lines, a powerful aesthetic impression and incredibly sensual elegance.
A gemstone fan, a fluid lacework dancing across the hand, the wrist and in the hollow of the neck. In a kaleidoscope of icy and white diamonds, light and dark blue sapphires, pink sapphires and amethysts, white and black diamonds, the interplay of its coloured stones creates an unmistakable impression of movement.

  • Baselworld Jewellery : de GRISOGONO

We know it as sculptural and sensual, and now we discover it anew as generous and impetuous. Expressing the indescribable, perpetual movement of waves, the latest additions to the ONDE collection send their dainty undulations rippling across the heart of a diamond-set rosette motif attired in alternating white or rose gold tones. Despite their generous size, the earrings and ring display the same delicate artwork. Airy volumes, delicately chiselled lines and a fascinating sense of movement distil their seductive powers with unparalleled magnetism.