PARIS | Creativity infused with a hint of wild audacity

Millions of precious stones, thousands of carats, hundreds of creations, dozens of collections, Fawaz Gruosi’s creative force appears literally inexhaustible. Since the time of its creation in 1993, de GRISOGONO immediately brought an iconic and daring style to the world of jewellery. Twenty-four years after propelling the black diamond to the forefront of the international jewellery scene, the Geneva-based creative spirit has driven a constant stream of surprises. Fascinated by precious stones, Fawaz Gruosi rewrites the design codes of the jewellery art and raises all gems to the ranks of extraordinary stones.

He has become the supreme master of creations featuring generous volumes and sensual curves that are at once airy, flowing and subtly mobile. Joyful spirals, gold interlacing patterns, graceful undulations, delicious drops and cabochons carved out of stones, gems that catch the light, playing with contrasts in creating cleverly controlled chiaroscuro effects. He draws his inspiration from the natural beauty of women and the elements. Muses, inspirations and allegories of Art with a capital A, they are the original breath of life that fires this infinite passion for creating. A creativity infused with a hint of wild audacity.

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