Summer Collection

Seasons come and go, de GRISOGONO style remains.

For its new summer 2018 campaign, de GRISOGONO exalts women. Sunny, free-spirited, self-confident women who set the tone for a delightfully cheerful summer.
Gold, diamonds and coloured stones trace patterns on bare skin, evoking the enchanting feel of the midday sun, the refreshing sensation of diving into clear water, and the vibrant tingle of an evening one wishes would last forever. Plunge your gaze into that of such a woman, set against the most stunning Mediterranean locations, while allowing the vast expanses of blue and the dazzling sunlight to tell the story of a journey pervaded by absolute beauty.


The night-lights accentuate colour contrasts, as the attraction of polar opposites creates unique expressions of style. Jewellery that reveals her ability to flirt with excess, paired with her intriguing cosmopolitan attitude.


It’s midnight, yet even in the darkness one can sense the same sunny energy that sparkles and shines. The kind that reflects an inner glow. Whether interpreted through subtly graded Ventaglio shades of blue, black and white diamonds, de GRISOGONO escorts her each and every night.

A style, an ambience, an atmosphere: come summer or winter, from Porto Cervo to Cannes, from St. Moritz to Gstaad, and from Dubai to New York, de GRISOGONO proudly flaunts a unique “Art de Vivre”.


Between sky and marble, shadows and light, by day or night, the slender architecture of the Vortice, Ventaglio and Allegra collections create the magic of golden hours directly on her skin.


Wearing the incredible joie de vivre of Allegra and Melody of Colours Jewellery. Jewellery of compelling beauty designed for the most delightful getaways