A relaxed elegance and distinctive style.

Subtly balanced style

There truly is a Porto Cervo style. Simultaneously relaxed and elegant, it combines lightweight fabrics with flowing lines and light colours. Outfits that retain urban codes as touches of extreme sophistication: shoes, belts, hats, watches and jewellery with an “ultra-comfortable” style.

XXL sunglasses and straw hats, dresses and printed wraps, a tote bag with leather handles carrying The Leopard, a novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, a brand-name leather clutch bag, glamorous wedges and gladiator sandals.

A jewellery trend reveals two faces perfectly express the duality of land and sea at Costa Smeralda. The iconic de GRISOGONO collections love Sardinia and Porto Cervo returns the favour. ALLEGRA, BOULE, INDIA, SENSUALE and MELODY OF COLOURS. A tone-on-tone style embodied in creations glowing with radiant pink gold, enhanced by the subtle nude shades of fossilised mammoth ivory and opal, enriched with natural amber motifs and its shimmering bronze accents. They reveal themselves to the full in the sunlight and exalt the beauty of tanned skins. Creations that transpose the intensity of the sparkling blue and green Sardinian waters, interpreted by de GRISOGONO in sumptuous India earrings set with turquoise and emerald, an Allegra cuff bracelet in galuchat and a Sensuale ring, both clothed in turquoise.

Pieces below: Aquamarines, turquoises and blue sapphires bracelet, necklace and earrings, MELODY OF COLOURS Collection


Marco welcomes you to his boutique, one of Porto Cervo’s leading addresses when it comes to fashion trends. It is called Esmeralda, a reminder of a family memory relating to a boat by the same name. Here, all the most fashionable fashion brands are on display amongst pieces made by a Sardinian designer and a private collection entirely created by Marco. A place that exudes the essence of Sardinian soil, dotted with driftwood collected on the shores of the island that enjoy a second lease on life here in the shape of unique lamps and display cases.

Piece below: White diamonds sautoir, ALLEGRA Collection

Senses heightened by the simplicity of Sardinian cuisine.

Human memories resound with the echoes of certain places which harbour far more than can be reflected in an image prefabricated by society.
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Senses heightened by the simplicity of Sardinian cuisine.

A treasure become a home port: Sardinia, land of hospitality and friendships

Whether they are stylish, romantic, elegant, in love or nostalgic, Porto Cervo and Sardinia have become their home port.
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A treasure become a home port: Sardinia, land of hospitality and friendships

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