The Power Of Stones

The distinctive character of all de GRISOGONO creations is reminiscent of the personality of Fawaz Gruosi himself, along with his passion for innovative materials and exceptional stones, as well as talent – all of which he elevates to

iconic status. Fawaz Gruosi is a pure aesthete endowed with an insatiable curiosity, who draws on everything around him. Instinctively, he combines an innate aesthetic sensibility and a true passion for precious stones which he expresses in often unorthodox creations.

A creative epicurean who is passionately in love with life, Fawaz Gruosi fell under the spell of amethysts well before discovering all the secrets they harbour. This is a fascinating, enigmatic stone with which he shares a number of character traits. Amethysts are believed to develop a higher state of consciousness, enhance creativity and strengthen passion. For a man who acts instinctively, his natural intuition once again strikes the perfect note.

power of stones

Known as the “Jewel of Fire”, the amethyst has always attracted attention. In ancient times, its sparkle and colour were highly sought-after and considered as precious as a diamond. The power and diversity of its tones imbue the amethyst with its magnetic, bewitching character.

Fawaz Gruosi has always been attracted by the charm and beauty of this mineral, and fascinated by the richness and intensity of its nuances.

Tinged with a harmonious combination of fuchsia, nuances of pale lilac and mauve shot with purple, the amethyst also displays secondary colours ranging from cold blue hues to the warmest possible reds.

Stones power de GRISOGONO
Black diamonds de GRISOGONO


Dedicated to absolute perfection, continual innovation and ingenuity, for 20 years, de GRISOGONO has blazed a trail of dynamic design.
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