Generous proportions accentuating the sensual curves of voluptuous gems and noble materials; intimate ties between spiralling rings and ellipses; jewellery born to stir desire. The desire to be worn. Models that radiate creative freedom and pulsate with the passion of their creator, Fawaz Gruosi.

de GRISOGONO invites you to discover delicious pleasures. Like a gaze that comes to rest on a neck, drawn to the shimmer of gold and the sparkle of stones that appear to trace gentle caresses across the skin. A touch seduced by bountiful proportions and elegant shapes. Their playful and mischievous infinite motion sends a shiver coursing through the body.

Through a subtle play on light and shade, de GRISOGONO’s sensual and entrancing creations highlight feminine curves and naturally catch the eye. Earrings, a necklace softly emphasising a regal bearing, a bracelet undulating around a wrist, a gracefully entwined ring.

de GRISOGONO, the jeweller who revels in exalting femininity.