Watchmaking Know-How



Asserting the same level of excellence and creativity that has made its world-renowned high-jeweller notoriety, de GRISOGONO enhances its impressive and exuberant creations with Haute Horologerie complications. Committed to Swiss mechanical movements, de GRISOGONO has created its own exclusive and in-house movements and developed unseen complications. de GRISOGONO demanding vision gives rise to world-premiere and award-winning innovations. If de GRISOGONO timepieces are always design-driven, they perpetually seek after pushing watchmaking boundaries. From an innovative and outstanding idea, Fawaz Gruosi uncompromised creativity gives birth to unparalleled watches.

Since 2000, de GRISOGONO has entered the select circle of the Haute Horlogerie and has demonstrated its desire to uphold the highest quality standards for its watches and to further develop its know-how in the conception, development and production of watches and movement components. Inspired by Fawaz Gruosi great and unbridled creativity, the Research & Development team, the construction engineers and master-watchmakers are called to work hand in hand to go beyond traditional watchmaking principles and invent mechanisms and systems that will give full expression to the original idea. Every single idea becomes a prowess incubator. de GRISOGONO watchmaking spirit is a genuine tribute to the great innovators of traditional watchmaking while surpassing its fundamentals.
From the first pencil sketch, to the finished watch, it takes years to develop a new model depending on the complications and it requires up to 3 years for exceptional pieces like the Meccanico.

cutting-edge know-how and creative twists

de GRISOGONO develops unparalleled and elegant complications by merging cutting-edge know-how and creative twists. 
Asserting its uniqueness, de GRISOGONO owns exclusive movements that have been completely redesigned, modified and enhanced with in-house functions and complications such as the dual time. The brand also breaks new ground and creates innovative and unseen complications especially with the Otturatore featuring de GRISOGONO in-house patented movement comprising four complications. Possessing a proprietary movement not only adds value and exclusivity, it also opens the door to a world of possibilities in terms of added-on functions and layouts.
Around 20 highly qualified watchmakers work on producing and assembling components by hand. dG’s specialists master every step of the production process behind complications, exclusive and in-house movements. The watch movements are fitted with tourbillon, minute repeater and dual time from the bottom up: they pass through the preliminary assembly and assembly stages, to fine adjustments and case fitting.

de GRISOGONO unparalleled signature is expressed by the unique bond between its high-jewellery creativity and watchmaking know-how. Some of its talking jewellery timepieces – such as the Crazy Skull, the Grappoli and the Tondo Tourbillon Gioiello – have required and combined the best of the two worlds. Giving pride of place to spectacular gemstones and exceptional cut, de GRISOGONO knows how to bring extra soul and character to its jewellery timepieces.

Honouring its quest for excellence de GRISOGONO rigorously selects the upmost materials and premium components to craft its watches ensuring a superb blend of form and function. Devoted to maintain and restore all de GRISOGONO watches from quartz models to the ultimate complications such as the Minute Repeater or the Meccanico, its International Customer Service is internally handled and located in Geneva.