Millefoglie & Doppia

Fine Jewellery Creations

Over the last 25 years, the fertile imagination of Fawaz Gruosi has been giving life to daring watch and jewellery art pieces, sculpted by artisans’ expert hands to meet the demanding criteria of outstanding craftsmanship and endowed with exceptional finishing.

A prolific artistic history that now suffuses the sophisticated layering of the MILLEFOGLIE, and the intriguing sculpted material of the DOPPIA.

Two new aesthetics dreamed up by Fawaz Gruosi, as unique, surprising and exuberant as ever.


Layering slim strips of gold hemmed with generous diamonds – at once united and yet independent from each other – represents an authentic jewellery feat. Each motif is mobile and the movement of one sweeps the others into the dance. A gentle geometrical effect playing on symmetry and asymmetry.


The intriguing sculpted material reveals fascinating glimpses of the ethereally light, mesmerising beryls and quartz. From a cut stone to a set stone, minerals entwine and embrace. Fawaz Gruosi reinvents the double tour as DOPPIA literally wraps itself around the finger, wrist or ears. The succession of three types of gemsetting – using the prong, snow and bezel techniques – testify to this determination to allow gems to find full expression.